Residue trials

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Agro Research International B.V. has an endorsement of compliance with the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The company has experience in various crops, with various application methods and with (multiyear) soil studies.

The trials are carried out according to:

  • the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice* as defined in the European Community Directives [87/18/EEC and 88/320/EEC (with updates)]
  • the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (as revised in 1997), published in ENV/MC/CHEM(98)17
  • the OECD Consensus Document “The Applications of GLP Principles to Field Studies”, ENV/JM/MONO(99)22, OECD Series on Principles of GLP and Compliance Monitoring, Number 6 (Revised).

Agro Research International B.V. can work out the field phase of a study in a multisite study (Principal Investigator) or as Study Director when the analytical phase is a separate study. We don’t carry out the analytical phase ourselves, but we work together with laboraties world-wide.

Our own Quality Assurance carries out audits to verify whether the Field Phase is carried out according to the OECD-principles and the Standard Operating Procedures. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed for all aspects of all studies.