The history of Agro Research international B.V. goes back to 1996, the year the company was founded by Wickie van Harinxma under the name Agro Research Service. Activities of this independent one-man business focused mainly on technical support and hands-on advice for various agrochemical companies. In 1999, Agro Research Service obtained the GEP (Good Experimental Practice) certificate.  As a result of the expansion of activities, growth of the company was necessary.

In the autumn of the year 2000, Agro Research International B.V. was established by Wickie van Harinxma, together with Jan-Dries Luijks and Jan Willem Deuring. In the years after founding, the activities of the company grew steadily. In 2003, Agro Research International B.V. obtained the Endorsement of compliance with the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) which enabled the company to carry out a wide range of efficacy (GEP) and residue (GLP) studies.  In January 2013 Jan Dries Luijks left the company. Currently, Agro Research International B.V. is led by Wickie van Harinxma and Jan Willem Deuring.