In the past years research with fertilizers has become more and more important. Agro Research International B.V. has experience with various types of research that involve fertilizers.

In order to apply the fertilizer as accurately as possible, specific application equipment has been developed. This gives us the ability to apply both (micro-)granulates and fertilizers in fluid form. For example, granulate can be distributed in potato-rows. In grassland special fertilizer equipment is used, in combination with AZO-equipment. Yield assessments can be performed by manual harvesting or harvesting equipment. When requested crop- and soil analyses are done as well.

During the period of trial performance the sponsor is notified of the progress on a weekly basis. This happens via a TR (Trial Result sheet). In the TR all the details and results can be found. Reports of the trial are issued using Agriculture Research Manager (ARM). The standard ARM is used or the sponsor’s version can be used. Sponsors having no ARM-license will have the report as a report written in Word / ARM. Special wishes of the sponsor will be taken into account for writing the final report.

The following pictures show an overview of some of the trial work carried out by Agro Research International B.V. (click on the picture).