Agro Research International B.V. has a lot experience and expertise with carrying out trials in fruits. A few years ago Agro Research International B.V. started working together with FRUITCONSULT and CAF (Centrale Adviesdienst voor de Fruitteelt). With the knowledge on pests and diseases and the network of Fruitconsult and CAF, good locations for carrying out the trials can be found. Trials are located at sites with the wanted diseases, insects or weeds. Applications are carried out with prepared Stihl mistblowers,  an especially developed tractorsprayer or with especially developed AZO spray-equipment.

The right timing for making an application is very important. To apply at the right timing, various monitoring techniques can be used, e.g. pheromone traps and computerized prediction systems for diseases (e.g. apple scab) and plagues (e.g. codling moth).

The following pictures show an overview of some of the trial work carried out by Agro Research International B.V. (click on the picture).