Efficacy trials

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Agro Research International B.V. has a lot of experience and expertise with carrying out trials in all kinds of agriculture, horticulture (open field and glasshouse), bulb-growing, tree nurseries and fruit growing. The experience helps dealing with different product-types and application techniques.

Since the start of the company Agro Research International B.V. has officially been recognized as an organization for Efficacy Testing (GEP = Good Experimental Practice), which results in trials and reports that can be used within the European Union for Annex 3 submission.

In 2011 Agro Research International B.V. received a TNG-recognition (for the application of unauthorized plant protection products). When this recognition is acquired there is no longer need to request a license for the trial. Agro Research International B.V. follows lawful procedures and takes care of the registrations.

Before the start of a project Agro Research International B.V. will prepare a Project Protocol in which all the details of the project are summarized. This Project Protocol will be based on the EPPO-guidelines (guidelines for the efficacy evaluation of plant protection products) , the protocol of the sponsor, wishes of the sponsor and the experiences from the past. During the process of writing the final Project Protocol, the Project Leaders of Agro Research International B.V. will help to find the methods to get the maximum out of the project and to see if the project can be carried out (success rates).

Trials will be carried out at locations where the chances of having a successful trial will be as high as possible. This can be in practical fields or in especially sown or planted trial sites (e.g. Phytophthora infestans in potatoes, Peronospora destructor in onions or trials for virus prevention in flower bulbs or potatoes). Maintenance of the trials will always be carried out according to the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).

During the period of trial performance the sponsor is notified of the progress on a weekly basis. This happens via a TR (Trial Result sheet). In the TR all the details and results can be found. The observations in the field are immediately entered on a weather-resistant computer.

Reports of the trial are issued using Agriculture Research Manager (ARM). The standard ARM is used, but the sponsor’s version can be used as well. Sponsors having no ARM-license will receive the report written in Word / ARM format. Special wishes of the sponsor will be taken into account for writing the final report.

Agro Research International B.V. has a variety of contacts with other research companies in Europe. This gives the possibility to carry out pan-European projects. The management of these projects can be arranged by Agro Research International B.V. or by one of the partners we are working with.

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed for all aspects of all trials carried out. When needed, a secrecy agreement between Agro Research International B.V. and the sponsor can be signed.