Demo trials

Agro Research International B.V. has experience in carrying out demonstration projects to promote  products for distributors or retailors and end users.  The demonstration projects can be:

  • Total organization of complete demonstration projects or parts of it (e.g. single trials)
  • Organization of parts of demonstration trials (e.g. the application or yield)
  • Possibility to have the results reported in a PowerPoint presentation

Demonstration trials can be carried out in practical fields or at special organized locations. At special organized locations various crops, diseases, weeds, growing systems, nutrients, etc. can be tested. At a rather small area lots of different possibilities can be demonstrated. Agro Research International B.V. has special small equipment for sowing and planting.

We can organize a complete demonstration, including accommodation, catering, marketing guidance and reporting (written report or PowerPoint presentation) when needed.

The following pictures show an overview of some of the trial work carried out by Agro Research International B.V. (click on the picture).